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David Hellerstein, M.D.

Psychiatrist and Writer

Beth Israel Medical Center
1st Ave & 16th Street
New York, NY 10003
United States

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David Hellerstein MD is
Chief, Outpatient Psychiatry Division, 
Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, 
and Associate Professor of Psychiatry,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine  His practice 
focuses on psychopharmacology
 and psychotherapy of mood and anxiety disorderse. 
His research interests include: 
treatment of chronic depression (dysthymia);
treatment of comorbid schizophrenia 
and substance abuse; and research
on combined psychotherapy 
and psychopharmacology treatments.

He is a writer whose works have been published in: Esquire, Harper's, North American Review, Fiction, 7 Days, Hippocrates, Ms., New York Times Magazine, Yankee, and other magazines.
His published books include:
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Literary representation: Sobel Weber Associates, 146 East 19th Street, New York, NY 10003 212-420-8585

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