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David Hellerstein, M.D.
Writer and Researcher

David Hellerstein, MD is a psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, and is Clinical Director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York, NY. His research studies have appeared in numerous psychiatric journals.  His literary writing has been published in numerous magazines and books

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Stone Babies: (novel) Dr. Jay Sones, a newly trained infertility specialist, runs into trouble as he tries to get his practice afloat.  A love story and thriller about health care in America today

Battles of Life and Death (essays) Thirteen award-winning essays about becoming a doctor. Initially published in North American Review, Esquire, and other magazines

    Loving Touches (novel) A black
   comedy about Pete Roth, a young
   psychiatry resident in training at a
   prestigious New York City hospital. 

    A Family of Doctors (family
   memoir) Five generations of
   physicians in one family, covering
   the period from the Civil War to the
   1990s. Published by Hill and Wang

Interns, circa 1910, from A Family of Doctors, by David Hellerstein, MD

AN INTERVIEW:   How to Become a Doctor-Writer
FROM BOOKS:   Stone Babies, Battles of Life and Death, etc.
AN ESSAY:   Does Prozac Change Your Personality?
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David Hellerstein, MD, David J. Hellerstein, M.D.,  David Joel Hellerstein, M.D., D.J. Hellerstein, M.D.

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