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Interns, circa 1910, from A Family of Doctors, by David Hellerstein, MD
David Hellerstein, M.D.
Psychiatrist and Writer

David Hellerstein, MD is author of several books, including Battles of Life and Death, Loving Touches, A Family of Doctors and the new e-novel, Stone Babies, now available at  He is Chief of Outpatient Psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, NY.  

FROM BOOKS:   Stone Babies, Battles of Life and Death, etc.
FROM E-MATTER, a downloadable essay:   Does Prozac Change Your Personality?

David Hellerstein, MD, David J. Hellerstein, M.D.,  David Joel Hellerstein, M.D., D.J. Hellerstein, M.D.

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